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Wave Soldering Machine YX-200DX

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Detailed parameters

Outside dimensionsmm L1900×M960×H1200
Start the total powerKW 5.5KW
The weight of thekg 200KG
Work the total powerKW 1-2KW
lighting AC220V/110V 40W×1
Spray pressure 3-5kgf/c+I34
The power supply AC220V 50Hz
The control mode Touch screen + PLC control
Transmission part parameters
Transport power AC220V90W
Transmission speed 0-1.8m/min
The width of PCB 0-200MM
Transfer direction Left and right direction (optional)
Adjustable Angle device manual
Transmission way Claw chain drive
Preheating part parameters
Preheat the total power 2KW
Preheat the scope At room temperature300
Preheating section number A period of 2KW
Preheating zone length 500mm
Tin stove part parameters
Tin furnace temperature control range At room temperature300
Tin furnace heating power 3kw
Tin furnace capacity 65KG-75KG
Wave motor AC380V 0.12KW×1set
Crest height 0-10mm
Welding Angle
Other parameters
Wash the claw flow pump MP15-R10WWithout this feature
Cooling device Rapid air cooling
Flux capacity 4.5L
Cooling air volume 1.5-2/min
Time switch machine Programmable Settings


1.Suitable for small-scale electronic manufacturers; Small batch production. The experiment; Teaching use

2.Do the instrument, equipment manufacturers, PCB specification is much, but very few, manual immersion tin require employees high proficiency, big wave soldering cost is high, so choose the micro wave soldering is the ideal choice;

3.The needs of the circuit board and a variety of solder products use (used with suitable fixture)

4,.Improve the quality of welding, automatic welding

5. Improve production efficiency, can weld batch products at the same time

6.Welding pin keep within 8 mm

7. Tin furnace, furnace adopts industrial lead-free materials, agent use K type thermocouple temperature

8.Cooperate with the product has a variety of soldering fixtures, can arbitrarily choose and buy, also accept custom

9.Set temperature range of 400

10. Programmable automatic switch machine parameters such as date, time, temperature

11.The whole welding process can convert, manual operation and automatic operation, realize the economic operation, mobile spray flux automatically, automatic wave soldering

12.The design has a short circuit and over current protection system

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