Semi-auto Printing Machine YX3050

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YX3050 desktop screen printing machine screen printer

Semi-automatic precision printing machines
Item YX3050 YX3250 YX5070 YX32125
print-table size 250*350mm 320*450mm 400X600mm 320×1250mm
frame size 400*800mm 370*470mm420*520mm550*650mm 600X800mm 370×470mm420×520mm 550*650mm550×1550mm
substrate size 300*500mm 320*230mm 500X700mm 300×1230mm
substrate thickness 80mm 0.2-2.2mm 80mm 0.2-5.0mm
Positioning PCB Outer Or Pin Positioning PCB Outer Or Pin Positioning PCB Outer Or Pin Positioning PCB Outer Or Pin Positioning
minimum adjustment Front/Back±10mm R/L±10mm Front/Back±10mm R/L±10mm Front/Back±10mm R/L±10mm Front/Back±10mm R/L±10mm
printing accuracy ±0.02mm ±0.02mm ±0.02mm ±0.02mm
repeated accuracy ±0.08mm ±0.05mm ±0.05mm ±0.05mm
minimum distance 0.25mm 0.25mm 0.25mm 0.35mm
air pressure 4-6Kgf/Cm2 4-6Kgf/Cm2 4-6Kgf/Cm2 4-6Kgf/Cm2
power 110V/220V 50HZ/60HZ 110V/220V 50HZ/60HZ 110V/220V 50HZ/60HZ 110V/220V 50HZ/60HZ
size 760*680*940mm 1170*1040*200mm 1200*1000*1750mm 1990*870*1810mm
weight 115kg 235Kg 400kg 350Kg


1. Controlled by Microcomputer. Easy operation.

2. Four figures automatic counters inside.
3. Adjustable Print speed satisfies the different printing request.
4. Constant pressure device of the ink blade, made sure the pressure in the printing is steady.
5. High-precision printing platform with fine turning device.
6. Convenient pedal switch, simplicity of operation, maintenance friendly.
7. Independent printing and ink-return system.


Be applied to the flat printing for glass, CD, nameplate, stickers, credit card, Ceramic colored paper, wooden toy puzzles and membrane switches in electronic industry .It is also applicable to the flat printing such as golden and silver cardboard ,metal sheet,and other products with the material of PVC, which have high requirement in overprinting.


Table size:

500 x 300mm

Print speed:



110V/220V 60/50Hz 50w

Air pressure:



750 x 650 x 800mm



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