PnP Machine TVM802B With 46 Feeders and Camera

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1.working video

2.Hardware Properties

The boundary dimension of this equipment is 900*970*300mm. It mainly consists of a work head, top and bottom visual systems

a work table, feeding racks, etc.

Model TVM802B
Applicable PCB 20mm*20mm--330mm*270mm
XY moving range 395*445mm
Driver Hybrid servo driver
Closed-loop motor
Placement head quantity
Mounting capability 5000CPH(With camera)/7000CPH(Without camera)
Mounting accuracy 0.025mm
Applicable components 0402,0606,0805,sop8 ...QFN/BGA
Components supply configuration Tape real,bulk package(IC)
Tape width 8mm,12mm,16mm
feeders 46pcs
Machine dimension L980*W655*H330mm
Visual camera 2 HD CCD Camera
Visual system(down) Automatic recognize fiducial mark
Visual system(up) Automatic recognize components and adjust
Stick feeder Opention
Vacuum pump quality 3 cacuum pump (one positive,two negative)
Power supply AC220V or AC110V
Power 150W
Weight G.W:60kg N.G:45kg
Packing size 0.37CBM

3.Specification and Installation of Suction Nozzles

This equipment adopts double-end design, and suction heads are equipped with different types of suction nozzles.

There are No. 1, No. 2, No.3 and No. 4 suction nozzles available. Under normal condition, No. 1 suction nozzle is the smallest,

while the No. 4 suction nozzle is the biggest .Components corresponding to every suction nozzle are shown below.

Suction Nozzle

Model No. Legend

Suitable Encapsulation

Suction Nozzle No. 1 Recommended Encapsulation: 0402, 0603, 0805

Surface-mounted : 1206, 1210, 2512 and glass tubes, etc.

Suction Nozzle No. 2 Recommended Encapsulation: 1206, 1210, 2512, 3528

Surface-mounted : 5050, etc.

Suction Nozzle No. 3 Recommended Encapsulation:

3528, 5050, SOP-8

Suction Nozzle No. 4 Recommended Encapsulation:

TQFP48、SSOP20, TQFP64、SSOP28,etc

4.The machines use the File Formats in the bellow

Protel、DXP、Altium Designer、Pands、Candes、eagle、proteus to export file,the format is csv.

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