LED PnP Machine YX1200

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Working video:https://youtu.be/F8DzTeHEVJY

The YX1200 has 5 CCD camera,Four of them are calibration components,Located the coordinates and mark points of PCB at the same time.

The machine can pick 4 LED of the 4 mounting heads simultaneously, through the visual system. Speed faster through this improved method.

YX1200 has also installed the small parts,applicable for 0402,0603,0805-5050,SOP,LQFP144,Diode, transistor.JUKI501-508 can be used.

Model YX1200
PCB area 1200*240mm
X,Y axis moving range 530*430mm
Z axis moving range 15mm
Head quantity 4
Mount speed 12000pcs/h,without vision
Vision speed 8000pcs/h,without vision
Mounting precision 0.025mm
Applicable components 0805,sop8...QFN
Encapsulation Tape,reel,bulk package(IC)tubes,stepping motor,Closed-loop
Motor control scheme control system
Feeder width 8mm,12mm,16mm,24mm
Feeder quantity 12(YAMAHA Feeder is available)
Machine size L1340*W660*H1600mm
Visual camera 5HDCCD Camera
lower vision Automatic identify the mark point
Upper vision Automatic adjust the offset
Pump External air pump
Voltage AC220V/AC110V
Power 350W
Net weight 131kg
Volume 0.95CBM

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