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How to Select LED Pick and Place Machine Nozzles

Publish Time: 2017-08-19    Visit: 2960

LED Pick and Place Machine Nozzles

In the LED placement machine, the nozzle has been a very important tool in the placement technology, because the vacuum absorption component is through the component picking tools - nozzle to complete. However, due to the size of the components and the difference between the size of the reasons, making the choice of nozzle and model is particularly important. Here are the best methods for choosing a nozzle.

  Led patch machine selection nozzle tips:

   1. Nozzle Size

   Standard specifications of the material, led patch machine nozzle specifications are basically fixed. However, if some materials are too small or needs have a strange shape, you need to build a nozzle to meet these specificatoins. 

   2. Nozzle Material

   At present, the common led patch machine nozzle material is tungsten steel, ceramics, diamond steel, plastic head, and so on. Each different materials of the nozzle has its own characteristics unique to that nozzle. 

3. Nozzle Shape

   The shape of the nozzle is generally square hole, tactile, V groove and so on. Made of the nozzle, generally based on the shape of the material, select the level of the suction point, and some made of elongated nozzle, stretching into the groove of the material to draw, and some according to the edge of the material, made back, some two End with the plane, the middle of the uneven, you have to take a bridge. Some material is sticky, has bad discharge, will have to open some groove inside the mouth, or made from a plastic head.

   4. Nozzle Structure

   In order to accommodate the placement of high-density miniaturized components, the structure of the nozzle is constantly improving, not only the size of the component itself is reduced, but also the gap with the surrounding components is also reduced, so not only can they reliably mount the components but also affect the peripheral components.

   These are the considerations you will need to make when choosing which nozzle is best to use for LED pick and place machines. By understanding these skills, I believe you will be able to choose a very good led patch machine nozzle.

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