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Wenzhou Yingxing Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2009, which is a domestic R & D and manufacture of high-end SMT high-tech enterprise, is committed to developing technology-intensive automation equipment. To solve the problem of quality reduction and high cost from labor-intensive industry and develop to become a highly efficient and stable technology-intensive industry.
We focus on the placement machines, the main products are generic SMT placement machine, professional LED automatic placement machine, automatic 6 SMT machines, visual placement machine and other products. The efficiency had achieved 3000-35000 components / hour. Our mission is efficient service to small and medium sized e-business in China and developing with them together.
Also, we focus on the electronics manufacturing industry, photovoltaic and LED industries, R & D and production automatic placement machine to provide the excellent and reliable service to enterprises. Today, there are more than two thousand customers are doing business with us, 98% of provinces and autonomous regions all over the country. Some of the equipments has been exported to Brazil, Germany, USA, Italy, India, Singapore, Vietnam and other countries.

Yingxing Technology is coming the domestic placement machine leader. Welcome to join us.


Skype: wzyxing QQ: 437423994