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Pick and Place Machine With 28 Feeders

Product name : Pick and Place Machine With 28 Feeders

Item : SMT280

Details :
System Items Content
Mounting system Mounting head number 2 pieces
Mounting accuracy 0.025mm
Mounting angle 0360°
Theoretical velocity 7500pcs/h
Normal mounting 6000pcs/h
Nozzle type Juki nozzle
Element for mounting RC (0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, etc)
LED lamp (0603, 0805, 3014, 5050, etc)
Chip (SOT, SOP, QFN, BGA, etc)
Substrate Substrate minimum size 10×10 mm
Substrate maximum size 320×450 mm
Substrate thickness ≤2mm
Substrate warp allowed value <1mm
Feeder 8mm 20 bit
12mm 4 bit
16mm 2 bit
24mm 1 bit
Pre IC material level 8 bit
Tubular feeder 1 Zhengbang special 5 tube tubular feeder (optional)
X, Y, Z axis X, Y axis moving range 410×490 mm
Z axis moving range 10 mm
Z axis rotation angle 0360°
Control system Operating software Embedded HRM system
Compatible file format CSV, TXT. format file
Programming mode Support online and offline
Basic parameter Pressure 0.4 Mpa (Internal pump)
Vacuum value -92kpa
Storage 8G (Kingston SD card)
Power 150 W
Power supply AC220V±10 50Hz
Host size L 800 × W 780 × H 380 mm
Feeder size L 235 × W 700 × H 245 mm
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