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Item : Big Printer + TVM802A + T-960

Details :

1. Stencil Printer,SMT Stencil Printers Printing Machine/ Specification: 600X420mm

1) Model: Big
2) Gross weight:18kg
3) Specification:600X420mm
4) Package Size:  910*640*130mm

2. BGA Pick and Place Machine Paremeters

Equipment Description
Version TVM802A
Applicable PCB 20mm*20mm~340mm*340mm
XY axis moving range 305×350mm
Z axis moving range 15mm
Placement head quantity 2
Mounting capability 5000CPH(With camera) / 7000CPH(Without camera)
Mounting accuracy ±0.025mm
Applicable Components 0402-5050,0603,1206,0805,SOP, QFN, BGA...
Components supply configuration Tape reel, bulk package (IC)
Tape width 8mm, 12mm, 16mm
Feeders 27
External Dimension L 980mm×W 655mm×H 285mm
Vacuum pump 15-92KPA (Mute type pump)
Vacuum pump quantity 3 vacuum pump(One positive,two negative)
Power supply 220V, 50Hz (Customizable)
Average working power 100W
Weight 95KG
Packing size 0.45m³

3.IR Hot-air Reflow Solder Machine T960
Work Mode: automatic
Function: PCB reflow solder

Model T-960
Heating zone Qty upper3/down2
Length of the heating zone 960mm
Heating type intelligent level sirocco and rapid infrared heating
Cooling zone Qty 1
Maximum width of PCB board 300mm
Operation direction left→right
Delivery model Net transmission+chain transmission
Speed of conveyer belt 0-1600mm/min
The power supply Three phase 5 line 380V   50/60Hz
Peak power 4.5KW
Preheating time Around 15mins
Temperature control range Room temperature~300°C
Temperature control mode PID closed-loop control
Temperature control accuracy ±1°C
PCB temperature distribution deviation ±2°C
Overall dimensions 1450×630×470mm
Machine weight 160KGS

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