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Item : YX3040

Details :
1 Product features
  1. You can choose the same with the printing  machine  platform ,in addition ,Single and double panel location convenient and high flexibility  ,To ensure the printing accuracy
  1. Printing screen can be rotated 45 degrees, with a high repeat precision,
 can be comparable to the machine
  1. Using steel net mobile school edition, and connecting with the printing platform X, Y axis fine-tuning calibration, convenient and quick
  1. Frame made of thickening machine is superior material selection and strong strong, durable;Steel mesh stent using spiral screw up and down, adjustable height, convenient to control the thickness of the PCB
specification :

Model: YX
Dimensions(L×W×H): 540×370×350 mm (mm)

Platform Size 300×400(mm)

PCB Size 250×400(mm)

Template Size 370×470(mm)
Printing speed
Manual control

PCB Thickness 080(mm)
PCB Tuning range Front/ Side +10mm
Platform height 220(mm)
Repeatability ±0.01mm
Positioning mode
Outside/Reference hole

Weight Approx.35Kg
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